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Quick and dirty travel tips

Written by Tyler Cole | 24 April 2010

bulbLooking back in my notebook, I found some scribbles of useful or handy tips that I picked up while on the road. None are particularly worthy enough to write whole page on, and only a handful were generally applicable to traveling, so I decided to start this page as a sort of collection of these sorts of tidbits I would like to share.


How to pack for a trip with no set return date (with post-trip comments)

Written by Tyler Cole | 16 January 2010


Note: this has undergone revisions beyond the comments in italics below. See this link for my most updated packing list: Revisited: How to pack for an independent traveler with no set return date


[Post trip comments are in italics]

On the eve of a trip that I'm hoping will get me from Peru to the US by land by summer, I thought I might go over what's going into my bag. A lot of people have asked what I pack for a trip that long...well in short, I try to pack lightly and I don't pack everything I need for that long. I will always be in places where people live and have stores, and I can resupply with what I need. My style is not exactly the superlight style, but I try to pare everything down to the essentials. (Excuse me if I seem a bit out of it in the video, it was the night before leaving around midnight and I was a bit scatterbrained.)


Tips to turn a long bus ride into an unforgettable time

Written by Tyler Cole | 13 January 2010


Budget travelers are more than familiar with bus travel, since added travel time is usually the first thing in exchange for the cheaper ticket.

That said, this extended time in a fixed location presents a good opportunity to slow down and connect with those all around.  Very often the temptation is to pop in the ear buds, swallow down some sleeping pills, or clam up into a guide book, but we should all know better than to sacrifice the journey en route to the destination. First, let's prep for the bus ride.


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