(The Republic of) Georgia

Flight over the North Caucasus mountains to Mestia (Svaneti) from Tbilisi, Georgia

Written by Tyler Cole | 14 June 2011




Flight over the North Caucasus mountains to Mestia (Svaneti) from Tbilisi, Georgia from Tyler Cole on Vimeo.

More about my visit to Georgia: http://bit.ly/kSqyl1

After learning about a $40, one-hour flight to the difficult to access town of Mestia in the northwestern region of Georgia tucked away in the Caucasus mountains, I abandoned all intention of getting there by minibus and bought a seat on the next available flight. Luckily, there was amazing weather over the mountains and the views were stunning. Towards the end of the video I have a few shots if Ushguli, considered the highest inhabited town in "Europe", located about 45 km and three hours from Mestia over bone-jarring roads. The nice old lady you see toward the end was the caretaker of a 9th century church in the area with some incredibly ancient frescoes.


(The Republic of) Georgia: So beautiful it makes me angry

Written by Tyler Cole | 31 May 2011


svantowersAfter leaving Kazakhstan, I met with Anna in Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) and plan to travel for a month or so together through Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey.

She arrived from a flight to Istanbul to Tbilisi by overnight bus; her ride seemed eventful, including an instance where someone was shot in front of her at a bus stop and a huge fight broke out. The gunshot victim was bleeding out while the Turkish men fought, and because of the fighting the ambulance wasn’t even able to take the dying man to a hospital. The bus left before the situation was resolved, although I think with a few less passengers. Anna was unharmed and kept safe.

Compared to that, my flight from Kazakhstan was uneventful with a layover in Ukraine. I got mild amusement by peculiar word usage in an English-language newspaper from Kiev and a brilliant article that listed the number one potential use for Chernobyl in the future to be a nuclear waste disposal site.

For the sake of time I combined all the cities we visited in Georgia into one post, with pictures after each city. So here we go:


Recent Photos

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