A quick stop in Lima and the bus strike

Written by Tyler Cole | 29 January 2010

Arriving in Lima by plane, I took a day to check out the parade for the 400 or 500somethingith anniversary of Lima.  I then took the bus to Arequipa en route to Puno, but a strike officially started as the bus was going from Lima to Arequipa.  The government had recently taken away fuel subsidies, and the bus companies were not particularly happy about it. When I arrived to Arequipa, I had to wait a while before smaller vehicles were making the trip towards Puno.


The Old Folks´ Home (Chucuito, Peru)

Written by Tyler Cole | 27 January 2010

As part of my work with Project Suyana, I´m spending a chunk of time in a home for elderly in the city of Chucuito, Peru.  About a 20-30 min ride from Puno depending on construction, Chucuito is a fairly small town next to Lake Titikaka with Aymara roots, and the elderly home (asilo de ancianos, lit. elderly asylum, not too flattering in translation) is a refuge for those who either don´t have family or their families cannot take care of them.



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