Last few days in Peru: Sun and mountains

zorritos food beachAfter departing from the south of Peru, there were a few places I wanted to visit on the way up toward Ecuador. The first stop was in the jaw-dropping Cordillera Blanca in the town of Huaraz, which I only got a quick peek at before I got a pretty nasty stomach infection as well as an infection on my flash drive and lost all of my pictures. A few days in bed and a few antibiotics later I got over to Trujillo, and old colonial town on the coast where I Couchsurfed with a colorful girl from there (lost pictures from there too, minus a few). I next hopped up to Máncora, an overrun and overpriced beachtown that I got out of after a failed attempt at surfing and staring at too many ridiculously tanned tourists. The next and final stop in Peru was another, more tranquil beach town called Zorritos where I pitched my tent and got some R&R on a deserted beach before skipping to Ecuador.

Pictures, or at least what I could salvage, are below.

In Trujillo, my Couchsufing host Sabrina was a pretty avid tarot card reader. Definitely a lot of fun, but I wouldn´t pay for it
Tanned tourists and the beach in Mancora.
More in the beach in Mancora.
The most recent in a line of Loki hostels in South America, this one in Mancora was particularly rowdy and definitely got me some culture shock on arriving. For about  a night it wasn´t bad, but I couldn´t stay there long.
Escaping Mancora I found myself in Zorritos further up the coast pitching my tent on a deserted beach. The definition of tranquility (minus the mosquitos at night).
On the way up from the beach in Zorritos there was a little guesthouse that I grabbed an overpriced lunch at, and this was the goofy bridge leading up to it.
The beach in Zorritos.
The campsite in Zorritos.
Overpriced lunch in Zorritos. Enjoyed with a beer treated by an eccentric old Italian guy that REALLY like young Peruvian girls.  He was speaking Italian and I was speaking Spanish so it may have been a misunderstanding, but either way he was entertaining.
There a picture frame hanging on the beach that said \"Unforgettable Image\".
In Trujillo, my Couchsufing host Sabrina was a pretty avid tarot card reader. Definitely a lot of fun, but I wouldn´t pay for it
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