Expecting cooler weather in the Nicaraguan highlands...and not getting it (Matagalpa)

waterfall matagalpa nicaragua cascada blanca

Leaving from Leon and arriving after what is now appearing to be the characteristic dusty Nicaraguan bus ride, I was disappointed to feel the unrelentless heat in Matagalpa much like in the lower areas. Supposedly it´s "cooler" here, but I can´t imagine by more than 5 degrees. I was hoping to hike around some coffee farms in the area, which the region is known for (I´ve tasted some damn good coffee in Matagalpa), but the heat has sucked any motivation for physical activity out of me. Instead I made my way to a big waterfall in the area called Cascada Blanca, and had the good fortune of being the only visitor the entire day. It was quite the treat during the thermal peak of the day. Besides that visit though, the weather is very conducive to sitting around all day and reading, so not much exciting report (although I would HIGHLY recommend reading In Defense of Food: An Eater´s Manifesto by Micheal Pollen, click for the Amazon Link). Pictures are below.



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