Mongolia: The sights and the sounds

Written by Tyler Cole | 09 April 2011


Mongolia: The sights and the sounds from Tyler Cole on Vimeo.

After leaving Beijing, my next stop was Mongolia. This video covers some of the time I spent in the countryside, and shows a little bit of the everyday life of the nomadic families I visited. Early spring is when the animals are giving birth, so just a warning to those of you who melt when you see baby animals. There are a few clips of making buuz (Mongolian dumplings), lots of animals, a Buddhist monastery in Terelj National Park, nomad corralling horses, how they get the goat fur to make cashmere, and just random shots.

Again, don't expect too's from a point and shoot camera.


A taste of the nomadic life in Mongolia

Written by Tyler Cole | 31 March 2011


mongol 1Eager to get out of the congestion of China I hopped a short, unusually cheap morning flight (cheaper than the bus) to the border of Mongolia at Erlian, supposedly known for its dinosaur fossils. From the airport the shuttle passed bizarre dinosaur sculptures in the middle of the desert and dropped me off at the border where I had to do the usual passport stamping rigmarole after haggling a ride in the trunk of an SUV (no walking permitted). On the other side I regretted not having some Mongolian phrases written down since no one spoke Chinese or English, but I still managed to get a meal and buy a train ticket to Ulaanbataar (capital of Mongolia) from the town I was in, Zamyn-Uud.

Although it was your average, melancholy border town, I was in good spirits since the lunch that I had was astoundingly delicious for only a few dollars. It wasn’t the lunch per se, but rather that fact that Mongolian food already had surpassed Chinese food in my tastes. I didn’t taste any weird chemicals and the meat, vegetables, and rice were incredibly seasoned with flavors that I associated with Middle Eastern food. +1 for Mongolia. Another mood-booster was


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