The elevated waterfalls of Semuc Champey

semuc champey guatemalaAfter leaving from Lago Atitlán I made my way to the obligatory Guatemalan tourist destination of Semuc Champey (the other being Tikal, some impressive Mayan ruins), a set of limestone waterfalls that split from and are elevated above the river that feeds it. Half the ride there was kept busy by a clearly and admittedly post traumatic stress disorder-suffering American vet of Iraq/Afghanistan who had a strong scent of rum on his breath at 9am in the morning. He had no reservations about getting teary-eyed while recounting stories during the war and how he was injured and sent home to pass time on the streets of Boston before getting himself together. Although, not all of his stories were war-related, the one coming to mind about his brief romance with the Nicaraguan finance minister´s daughter (the image of him brashly holding up his hand in an okay sign while half-yelling, "Mmmm, tight as a whistle!" with a bus full of Nicaraguans staring at the scene will remain comically stuck in my head). Needless to say it was an intense bus ride, and he definitely left an impression on

me long after he got off the bus, barefoot, to buy some replacement sandals that he lost while partying the night before. In any case, the falls at Semuc Champey were a bit underwhelming since there were pictures of them everywhere advertising arranged tours, and it pretty much looked the same as the pictures. I would say, though, that the size (area-wise) was a bit surprising. I camped out at a beautifully situated hostel near Champey in Lanquín for a few dollars, placed idealling overlooking a 270 degree view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Pictures are below.



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