The quickest pass through Ecuador, ever


My stay in Ecuador consisted of a few nights in Guayaquil doing little but killing time with a French guy and a total of 12 hrs in Quito (didn´t even take pictures). It was my second time in Ecuador, so I didn´t feel so bad about skipping over it (okay, I guess a little bit) since I´m trying to maximize my time in Colombia. In any case, the random pictures of Guayaquil are below. Prepare to be underwhelmed.



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Recent Photos

Camping in Puerto Olbaldia along the Atlantic.JPG
Leaf cutter ants in the Darien.JPG
The crystal clear waters of Porvenir.JPG
The jungle of the Darien.JPG
The ornate mola of the Kuna Yala people.JPG
Wax plams in Salento.JPG
a central plaza in tikal.JPG
a compass while hitching back to the US from mexico.JPG
a fire juggler near lago atitlan.JPG
a semuc champey in guatemala.JPG
a the market in san cristobal.JPG
a zapatista graffiti while in san cristobal.JPG
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