Costa Rica for me = Beaches + Waterfalls (video of jumping in post) + Way too expensive

costa rica montezuma waterfallKnowing full well that Costa Rica was going to be absolutely overrun with tourists and commanded the most outrageously inflated prices in Central America I made it a mission to get in an out as quick as possible while still trying to see something. It really is a beautiful country, but with the shady citizens all trying to make a buck and the stupidly high prices resulting from years of wealthy, price-insensitive tourists unwittingly leaving poor backpackers hung out to dry it was a bit hard to enjoy ($7 to camp and not even giving a towel...WTF?). I^m pretty sure there are some amazing things to see in terms of wildlife (confirmed by a Quebeqois (sp?) hostel owner in Nicaragua), but I wasn`t about to test my budget. I actually got to the border of Costa Rica a bit late and ended up camping on the Panamanian side in an Adventist school where they graciously allowed me to pitch my tent for the night until I hitchhiked to the border in the morning. I arrived first in the southern port town of Puerto Viejo, which, like many other towns in Costa Rica, survived purely on tourist dollars. I saw the beach and got out, passing through San Jose and continuing on to the Nicoya Peninsula. A Canadian I met on the bus/ferry to the peninsula recommended I stay in Santa Teresa for the night as opposed to its shadier neighbor Montezuma, home to some waterfalls I wanted to check out (video of jumping is below) before booking out of the country (and, again, both towns are purely week-long package tourist havens). He said I could just hitch over to Montezuma in the morning, which I did and turned out to be quite easy. Overall I would have loved to explore Costa Rica much more, but given it`s exorbitant prices and rip off-prone citizens conditioned after years of tourists that apparently shit money, it wasn`t really the place for me. Pictures below.

Beach in Puerto Viejo.
Hostel that I camped at in Puerto Viejo.
Beach trail in Puerto Viejo.
Sunset on the ferry to Santa Teresa.
Coastline in Montezuna right after I got dropped off hitchhiking.
Waterfall in Montezuma. The video below is of me jumping off it
Sunset on the the ferry out of Santa Teresa.
Beach in Puerto Viejo.
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0 #1 Philippe Hauswald 2010-04-24 02:48
0 #2 Dad 2010-04-26 00:44

The waterfall video shows sideways ... That was a high jump. Hope you knew how deep the pool was before you jumped!!

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