Wasn`t really expecting to like Bogota that much...


church candelariaAfter taking off from the Tatacoa desert the next stop was Bogota, the largest city in Colombia and one of the largest in the Western hemisphere. I really hadn`t read much about the city, heard mixed comments about it from Colombians and foreigners, and had no guidebook to reference. It turned out to be so much better than I imagined. Unfortunately for a lady from California I met, she had her passport, about 500 dollars worth of pesos and dollars, credit and ATM cards, and license stolen in a parade from her fanny pack. I spent the best part of two days helping get everything sorted and lending her money, but all in all I´m glad I helped since at the very least I´ll know what to do if it happens to me. Besides that incident, Bogota was great, with amazing people, nightlife, and neighborhoods, and the city comes highly recommended from me, for what it´s worth. I still have a lot to see there.


Another church in La Candelaria.
A cute little kid in Plaza Bolivar, right in the middle of the old part of Bogota called La Candelaria.
Church in Plaza Bolivar.
A street in La Candelaria.
The next few pictures are all from the parade held to inaugurate the Iberoamerican Film Festival in Bogota. Walking on the street, a lady from California that I met was robbed of everything valuable, including 0+ cash, passport, credit cards, and license (luckily she didn´t have a digital camera with her). I spent the next few days helping her get everything sorted.
Food during a barbecue at the hostel I was staying at.
A Canadian that I met at the hostel rolled the largest joints I had ever seen in my life. I chose to sit that one out.
An art installation paying homage to Colombian politicians, in that they work as hard as ants supposedly. The people I asked about it scoffed at it. (Thanks Gab for pointing out this article that says differently on the meaning of the art installations: http://www.colombiareports.com/colombia-news/culture/8320-ants-swarm-over-colombian-congress.html)
´´Colombians, weapons have given you independence, laws will give you liberty´´.
Yady gave me a tour of the northern neigborhoods of Bogota. Good day.
Another church in La Candelaria.
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