Shanghai: The sights and the sounds


Shanghai: The Sights and The Sounds from Tyler Cole on Vimeo.


My first stop traveling in Asia, I thought I might try to mash up a few videos that I took of Shanghai as opposed to just pictures (my camera has HD video, after all). Sorry in advance for the poor filmmaking skills, but I'm using a point and shoot after all. I thought this video might speak better than my words for the town. It's obviously not exhaustive, but just a few things that caught my eye or are not usually photographed. However, the aspect of Shanghai that I don't think I captured was the sheer size.

I tried to get a lot of aspects of Shanghai, from the materialistic to the spiritual, and even a shot of a John leaving from a "massage" parlor. If people like it, maybe I can put a little more work into them and make videos of the other places I visit.

Overall I really enjoyed Shanghai, first being graciously hosted by the parents of a high school friend. His dad was working on supplier development and had a nice pad on the west part of Shanghai, and it was a great place to adjust to the time change. I also went with his dad to the nearby town of Hangzhou, famous for it's longjing tea and scenery (Hangzhou article is here). I also got the chance to stay at the home of the family of a colleague from the lab at the University of Michigan, which was located on the Pudong side of Shanghai. They generously offered me a comfortable room for a few nights, and Yunzhe, who studies engineering in Australia, gave me a little tour of downtown.

Below are some photos:

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