A glimpse in the thoughts of Dr. Ivan Hancco

ivan hanccoOne of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met, Dr. Ivan Hancco was my main contact before arriving to Puno and my host while not staying at the Old Folks´ Home in Chucuito or visiting the countryside. A doctor by training and currently a professor at the regional university medical school (Universidad Nacional del Altiplano), I personally saw how dedicated

he was to his profession despite the numerous obstactles set in his way due to lack of funding. He also leads one of the medical student associations at the university (ACEM) and pushes the students to dive into research despite the scarcity of equipment and funding, and it was no small feat that their most recent research project earned their medical student association second place in a national research competition. Outside of academics, he also leads his group of medical students to high-altitude mining areas to provide medical care where there is none and has initiated volunteer projects in the countryside. You can bet it was a pleasure to get to know him. (Note: picture was per Ivan´s request, sorry for the darkness). A note on what I´m trying to do with "A glimpse in the thoughts of..." can be found here.

I asked him a few questions by email, and this is what he said:

Who has been the most influential force in your life?

Es: Mi mayor inspiración ha sido mi padre, una persona muy activa. Ha dedicado su vida a su trabajo como profesor y a ayudar a las personas que necesitaban de él.

En: My main inspiration has been my father, a very active person. He has dedicated his life to his work as professor and to helping those that need him.


What fascinates you?

Es: Me fascina muchísimo viajar y visitar otros lugares, y sobre todo ejercer mi profesión de médico ayudando a curar a las personas.

En: Traveling and visiting other places fascinates me greatly, and more than anything practicing my profession as a doctor and helping to heal people.

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0 #1 Connie 2010-03-10 08:54
TYLER! wow this blog is awesome! you sound like you're having a blast--I'm so jealous :) If you come to Shanghai, let me know and I'll take you for the best foot massage of your life! miss you!

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