A rough plan for my trip, any recommendations?


[There's a map in the post to get a visual idea of where I'll be] So this is a general idea of the areas I plan to cover over the next few months. From China through Kazakhstan will be overland, then potentially a flight to Georgia, and then overland to Turkey. After I get to Turkey (if indeed I get there), I hope to head into Eastern Europe, but really have no idea where I might go. I have this planned up to this point due to the fact that I had to arrange visas for China and Russia before leaving and had to report general trajectory. You can click on the map or here to see a more interactive version through Google Maps. Any comments or recommendations would be great!
A rough idea of where im traveling



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Camping in Puerto Olbaldia along the Atlantic.JPG
Leaf cutter ants in the Darien.JPG
The crystal clear waters of Porvenir.JPG
The jungle of the Darien.JPG
The ornate mola of the Kuna Yala people.JPG
Wax plams in Salento.JPG
a central plaza in tikal.JPG
a compass while hitching back to the US from mexico.JPG
a fire juggler near lago atitlan.JPG
a semuc champey in guatemala.JPG
a the market in san cristobal.JPG
a zapatista graffiti while in san cristobal.JPG
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